Women Who Are PMSing Should Be Paid to Leave Work, Says Leading Doctor

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In a recent report by MailOnline, Gedis Grudzinskas, a doctor and professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, believes that giving women paid time off work when they’re on their periods motivates them and boosts their productivity.

What’s his reasoning, you ask? Here’s what he told MailOnline:

“Some women feel really grotty when menstruating. Coming into work is a struggle and they feel lousy … When you feel like that, it’s harder to take pride in your work or perform as well. This is about employers being sensible and aware.”

He also says this time would be separate from sick days:

“It would be one to three days each month, separate to sick leave entitlement –- it is not sickness, after all.”

Such a concept is actually not new; countries such as Japan and Indonesia allow workers who are suffering during their menstrual periods to leave work. Taiwan also allows female workers three days of menstrual leave a year and Indonesian women are allowed to take two days a month for menstrual leave.

And what about for the male workers who might complain about their female counterparts getting up to 36 days of paid leave a year not including vacations and sick days? Grudzinskas says they’ll need to suck it up.

“Do you want a cup of tea when you get home in the evening? … Do you want your wife to be in pain? … It’s not men who have to get pregnant, go through IVF and childbirth … Men will just have to understand.”

The doctor also praised Apple and Google for proposing egg freezing initiatives for all their female staff.

Well, ladies (and gents too of course), what do you think? Should we rally up the troops and advocate for this here in the states? Make some noise in the comments below!

Source: MailOnline

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