Wife of Superstar Chinese Athlete Will Stay With Him After His Affair with Sexy Model

In response to the emergence of Chinese badminton champion Lin Dan’s extramarital affair scandal on Friday, wife Xie Xingfang expressed that she is willing to stand by with her husband.


“Our family will support this man who takes responsibilities for his actions and is willing to correct his mistakes,” Xie posted on Chinese social networking site Weibo.

“I thank friends and fans for your concern. Our family will weather this storm together,” she continued. Her post even included a photo of the couple’s hands touching their baby son’s tiny hand, AsiaOne reported.


Xie, who herself is a former national athlete, recently gave birth to a boy on November 5 after four years of marriage.


Lin, a beloved athlete in China, was earlier caught on camera in the company of model Zhao Yaqi. The images, which included a short clip of Lin giving Zhao a tight hug, were reportedly taken back in October, during his wife’s pregnancy. A few days after they were uploaded the images  immediately went viral, igniting speculations online.



Right after the news of the affair scandal broke, Lin posted an acknowledgment of his behavior with an apology for his actions, saying that he “won’t make any more excuse” and that his “behavior has already hurt my family and I would like to apologize to them. Sorry.”

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