UK Vlogger Explains Why Tipping is ‘Just Giving People Money For No Reason at All’

The American tipping culture has always fascinated outsiders. With the exception of Canada, France, the UK, and a few other countries, the practice of paying an extra 10-15% for served food is very uncommon. Some cultures, like Japan, even find tips insulting.

For Americans, who approximately tip $40 billion per year, the age-old social custom is practiced almost unquestionably as many believe tipping provides incentive for workers’ efforts. In a recent video, YouTube rising star GradeAUnderA claims tipping in the United States is more of a scam than anything else.  

The fast-talking, witty vlogger from the UK blasts the US tipping system for being almost mandatory. In the video, he describes tipping as “just giving people money for no reason at all,” and questions why the practice is mostly reserved for restaurants. He also points out whose responsibility it is to make sure waiters and waitresses get a reasonable pay: their bosses.

It’s been pointed out before that tipping’s ultimate beneficiaries are corporations and business owners who want to pass on labor costs to their customers. Some research even suggests that the practice is generally discriminatory and sexist.

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