Why This Rich Person’s ‘Bicycle of the Future’ Costs $28,000


Prepare yourself — this is the most impressive bicycle humanity currently has to offer. It’s also probably the most expensive bike ever without being covered in diamonds, so we common urchins can only look but not touch.

This is the Trefecta, a high-performance e-bike, and comparing it to a Huffy is like comparing a Tesla to whatever the Flintstones used to drive. With the aristocratic pricetag of $28,000, it better be impressive — and it is.

The Trefecta is an electric bicycle — it can be powered through the pedals, but the electric motor works similarly to the kind you’d find in an electric hybrid car. The throttle, as well as a bunch of other cool gadget buttons, is located on the handle bar — the kind not built for your friend to balance on and ride with you.

The frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which folds for easy storage on your jet or yacht (because we all have those). The wheels are carbon fiber, naturally, and fitted with off-road racing-quality tires for maximum grip.

trefecta 2

The bicycle has 14 human-powered speeds and hydraulic disk brakes for stopping — only the brakes don’t actually do all the stopping. In what you would find on a Tesla, for example, special sensors slow the motor down to put on the regenerative brakes, which charges the lithium-ion battery as you brake.

The battery itself offers 60 miles of range over variable terrain without the use of the pedals and has a reported top speed of 43 miles per hour. The electric motor is powerful enough to take the rider up a rocky 40 degree incline.

Then things start to get really high-tech. Almost everything on the bicycle can be adjusted from an iPhone. The bicycle’s app, which is only in the Apple Store, adjusts the suspension, torque and onboard accelerometer allows you to make the bike “flip-proof” by setting a maximum climbing angle, and much of the specs of your ride are displayed on the built in LCD-screen. Since you also mount your phone on the bike, you technically have two screens.

trefecta screens

The bicycle also comes with a bluetooth-enabled keyless start and alarm system.

trefecta 1

Have money to burn on a bicycle? The Trefecta is available for pre-order now, and customers should be getting their first bicycles by February of next year. Do you think it’s worth its $28,000 price tag?

Source: BBC

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