Why Eminem Once Asked His Manager Whether He Was Rich Enough to Buy a Rolex


Let’s face it: most people love money and can’t wait to ball out when they have a good amount of it. While money certainly doesn’t buy happiness, many people do like having nice things. While most may think that hip-hop star Eminem is the type of celebrity to have diamond-studded necklaces and be rolling around in expensive cars, he actually has a quite humbling attitude about money.

In an interview back in 2010 with “60 Minutes,” Anderson Cooper asked Eminem whether he likes spending money, to which he simply replied, “Not particularly.”

He then tells a story of a time when he had already sold millions of records and was already set financially. Eminem wanted to buy a Rolex and actually called his manager to see whether he could afford the time piece:

“They make fun of me, but for real, the whole money thing, all that stuff, it was brand new to me.”

Even with enough money to buy a gazillion Rolex watches, the acclaimed rapper admitted he barely even wears it.

“I still have that rolex, I don’t wear it, because I don’t want to get a scratch on it.”

Perhaps what’s most inspiring is when Cooper asked him what he was currently wearing, to which he replied:

“This is a G-Shock. It’s probably about $100.”

No matter what anyone’s opinions are of the controversial star, you can’t help but admit he’s got his head together when choosing passion over fame and riches.

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