Watch Tyrese and Dr. Dre Celebrate Beat’s $3.2 Billion Acquisition by Apple (Updated)

tyrese and dr dre

Last night, actor Tyrese Gibson posted a video to Facebook (which he took down as of early this morning) confirming some big news for his good friend, rapper and music mogul Dr. Dre. Yesterday there were talks of Apple’s plans to buy out Dr. Dre’s Beats Electronics, the hugely popular and ingeniously marketed headphone company (though they definitely aren’t the best quality headphones on the market) for $3.2 billion dollars. Beats was previously associated to a failed campaign with cell phone company HTC. Beats Electronics also provides a music streaming service, Beats Music app, that competes with Swedish music app Spotify.

With last night’s celebration at his studio, it would seem Dr. Dre has landed himself a deal, and Apple and Tim Cook now have a very important shoe in the music industry door on top of their already developed music distribution platform in  iTunes.

This acquisition will rake in a fortune for Dr. Dre, possibly making him the first rapper-turned-billionaire. Luckily we still have the video below (Video Contains Expletives):

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