Watch These Celebrities Troll Us With “Back to the Future” Hoverboards

What would you do if Doc Brown rolled up in the DeLorean and pulled out a hoverboard for you to play with? If you are Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens or Schoolboy Q, you’d hover the sh*t out of it that board. In what is a pretty epic troll stunt, clever startup HUVrTech released this video showing a few celebrities we all recognize playing with their brand new hoverboards. They are so serious about their product, they even got Mark Cuban to back it:

“Once in a rare while do you get the chance to be part of something this big. This is one of those times. I’ve never been so excited for a product I’ve invested in. This f**king thing is going to change the world!”

-Mark Cuban, Venture Capitalist

Even though it’s fake, you just have to watch how legit they are making this:

We still don’t understand exactly what they do, but check out the mysterious startup HUVr here.


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