Wall Street Haters Trash Forbes 30 Under 30 List

Barclays specialist trader Michael Pistillo shouts out a price just after the opening bell on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange

A recent article from Business Insider afforded us a look at the social hierarchy of Wall Street. Almost like a scene out of “Mean Girls,” some Wall Street haters took to trashing the apparent freshman on Forbes’ 2014 30 Under 30 in Finance list. Some comments sent in include:

[Name redacted] is an idiot, who went to Law School and now is a 1st year Associate at a bank in something not even in the front office.”

“This is why I don’t read these things… Aside from [Name redacted and Name redacted] most of these guys are, well, white collar criminals in my opinion.”

Some comments even poked fun at some unconventional startups. “A Bit Coin startup?!!??” This probably referred to Fred Ehrsam, 25, cofounder of Coinbase, a Bitcoin commerce platform. Wall Street obviously likes their money to be in paper still.

Another commenter wrote, “Isn’t that Hedgeye kid the one that got chewed out by the Kinder Morgan CEO? LOL!” referring to Kevin Kaiser, 26, who pissed off two billionaires with high profile stocks in energy companies Kinder Morgan and Linn Energy after he recommended to short stocks in the two.

“No, seriously, who the f–k picks these guys?” wrote another commenter.

Along with many other investment managers and financial analysts, entrepreneur Lucas Duplan, 22, made the list. Duplan is the founder of Clinkle, an apparently disruptive yet mysterious mobile digital wallet system that shocked Silicon Valley by raising $30 million from the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel, and Andreessen Horowitz.

Well as they say, haters are going to hate. We all know Wall Street is a rowdy place to try and make it big, but our generation has proven to be just about the most innovative in terms of making money from entrepreneurial endeavors. Is Forbes’ list really that bogus to get trashed on or are Wall Street’s upperclassmen a bit finicky on what constitutes success today?

Source: Business Insider, Forbes

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