Vietnamese Restaurant Receives $500 Tip to Fix Windows Ruined by Vandals

A Vietnamese restaurant in Sacramento, Calif. received a large tip to help fix its windows from vandals on April 29.

Twitter user @CaroWyn_ shared a photo of the receipt the patron left to the social media platform last Saturday, reported Fox Business.

The customer added the $500 tip on top of their almost $35 meal and included a note to the business on the receipt.

“To help with the broken window,” it read.

Tây Giang Restaurant, whose owner is @CaroWyn_’s uncle, has been the target of a series of vandalisms resulting in his windows being destroyed, she wrote.

“Every time he fixes the window, it’s only a matter of days before it’s broken again,” she said.

The Twitter user said the patron’s actions “restored” her “faith in humanity.”

There has been a rise in anti-Asian attacks nationwide, with San Francisco seeing a rise in hate crimes by 140% and Los Angeles experiencing an 80% rise in the first quarter of 2021, NextShark previously reported.

Featured Images via @DionLimTV (left) and Google Maps (right)

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