Uber is Letting You Write in the Sky For $500 On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day (ahem…Singles Awareness Day) is right around the corner and many are looking find ways to be romantic for their loved ones on that special day.

Well, if you’re in L.A. this Friday, Uber is offering a unique opportunity to look baller. This year, they are partnering with MasterCard and Airsign to give people in Los Angeles UberSKY, an on-demand skywriting service.

The cost is $500 and here are the details according to an email sent to all Uber users today:

  • Open Uber between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. this Friday, 2/14.
  • Brainstorm a romantic message (12 characters max).
  • If it’s available, request the UberSKY option.
  • Confirm the $500 price tag and wait for an Uber rep to call.
  • We’ll ask for your message and tell you when you can expect to see it in the sky!

Uber also notes that due to the anticipated high demand, it may take several tries to get a request in. They also hint that something cool will happen if you add a MasterCard to your Uber account and use it to purchase UberSKY.

Comment below if you’re planning on using this service. For everyone else, you can follow what people are writing to their loved ones using hashtag #SkysTheLimit.

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