Twin Daughters K‌il‌le‌‌d After Mother Lights Herself on Fire in California Home

Twin 14-year-old sisters and their mother d‌i‌e‌d in a house fire caused by the latter’s self-immolation in Vallejo, California on Sunday morning.

Police investigating the case deemed the cause of the fire that took the lives of twin sisters Trinh and Tram Tran and 47-year-old Mau Dao to be suspicious, KTVU reported.

The mother reportedly set herself ablaze inside the family’s home on Georgia Street at 2:45 a.m. on Aug. 5. The twin daughters, who were both about to start 10th grade at Jesse Bethel High School, succumbed to their injuries.

One of the twins d‌ie‌d at the scene while the other succumbed to her injuries after being transported to a hospital. Dao, meanwhile, d‌i‌ed‌ at a local burn unit, according to the KTVU.

The twin’s 11-year-old sister was the only survivor. She managed to escape the fire by climbing out a window and flagged down an officer who was patrolling the area.

The girl told officers that there were three people still stuck inside the home, but they weren’t able to get inside as it was fully engulfed in flames. The 11-year-old is expected to make a full recovery and is now with her father, who was not home during the incident.

It is unclear what pushed the mother to set herself on fire, but the twin’s friend, Sarah Dilag, told KTVU that “there was some problems with their family.” She also received a text at around 2 a.m. from one of the sisters saying, “Sarah, are you awake? I’m really scared.”

Trinh and Tram reportedly shared a love for wrestling and band class, but were unique in their own way, according to their friend Daniel Alencastro.

One had a peppy, soft voice,” he said. “And one was really loving and caring. They would always give you a hug.”

“This was a tragic event for all involved. Incidents of this nature are exceedingly difficult for the family, but also for the community and its first responders,” Vallejo P‌o‌li‌ce wrote in a statement on Thursday, ABC30 reported.

Images Screenshot via KTVU

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