This Stunning Coffee Table is Designed to Look Like the Ocean Floor. Guess the Price!


Feast your eyes on this badass coffee table! It’s designed by Duffy London and it’s made to mimic the layers of the ocean floor. With such a stunning design crafted from grade wood, it almost makes the $10,000 price tag reasonable. Only 100 will be made, so hurry and take out your checkbook before it’s too late!

Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-6.56.55-AM Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-6.57.16-AM Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-6.57.24-AM Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-6.56.40-AM-660x210  Screen-Shot-2014-07-07-at-6.57.08-AM

H/T: BlazePress

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