This New Invention Will Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds

StoreDot, an Israeli based startup that focuses on bio-organic nanotechnology, has developed a smartphone battery that will charge in 30 seconds.

According to Time, this is how it works:

StoreDot is using a new battery chemistry that features “nanodots” derived from bio-organic material. These nanodots are used in both the electrode, which stores the battery’s energy, and the electrolyte, which transfers energy between the battery’s anode and cathode ends. StoreDot says the electrical properties of these nanodots allow the electrode to charge much faster, while still discharging at a rate similar to conventional lithium-ion batteries. And because the technology is based on naturally occurring organic compounds, it’s supposedly cheap to produce.

Although the video above is impressive, there are still a few kinks that need to be solved. While the charging time is a lot faster, the battery is physically larger than your typical smartphone battery and won’t last as long. The charger for the battery will also be larger and twice as expensive than the conventional charger. StoreDot says that it’s currently working out these issues.

So this leaves the question of when this brilliant thing will come out. StoreDot reports that they’re looking to start commercial production in late 2016.

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