This New Business Card Design is a Complete Game Changer


Designer Andrew DePaula has created a new business card that transforms into a USB drive when folded a certain way.


What’s amazing about his invention is that it isn’t a USB drive made into the card, it’s a new special patented technique that allows regular paper to be read by a USB drive.

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Every card has it’s own unique ID that goes to a webpage of your choice on the internet. This can include your social media pages, your company website, portfolio and more. You can also change which website to direct them to at anytime. For example, you can point a potential client to your portfolio, then change the link to a references/testimonial page if they asked for more info.

Another cool (and potentially creepy) feature is that you can track whether each card was opened, so if want to see if a specific person actually checked you out, just remember his/her card ID before handing it out and look it up later.

swivelCard is currently raising funding on Kickstarter, and has already exceeded his funding goal of $10,000. Prices start at $259 for 200 pre-made design cards to $419+ for a custom design.

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H/T: PetaPixel

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