This Might Be the Best Phone Accessory Ever Made


If you are an aspiring phone-camera photographer, this gadget is especially for you. From the recent campaigns on Kickstarter comes Moment, a lock-on lens accessory for your phone that will let you snap the most perfect pictures on the fly, but you’ll definitely want to see the surprising quality for yourself (these aren’t even the high quality versions).

phone cabin

Shot by @bradleycastaneda on iPhone5s and Moment Tele.

Shot by @e21 on iPhone5 and Moment Wide.

Shot by @e21 on iPhone5 and Moment Wide.


Shot by @marcbarros + @jermzlee on iPhone5 + Moment Tele + Litely.

Launched by Marc Barros from Seattle, Washington, Moment has expertly designed and produced two small attachable lenses, the Moment Tele and the Moment Wide, that can fit on iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy phones. It works by sticking a twist-lock attachment around your lens on your phone. Once that’s in place, attach the fixed lens you want to use and prepare to be amazed by the shots you can get. Check out their pitch video:

Moment is currently campaigning on Kickstarter to crowdfund this amazing product- it’s no surprise that they are killing it. Starting with an initial goal of $50,000, Moment is now backed by nearly 4300 people with a total of $411,360 raised and it only keeps going up with around 40 hours left of their campaign.  This might be one product you should buy from Kickstarter while their pre-order supplies; you get one lens of your choice for a $49 pledge or two for a $99 dollar pledge. Check out more cool pics from Moment on their Kickstarter page here.

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