This is Why Rich Tech Execs Shouldn’t Invite Hookers with Heroin on Their Yachts


Bad things do happen when you party too hard on Google and Apple money.

A woman accused of being a high-priced escort was arrested last week for administering a lethal dose of heroin to a former tech executive on his yacht off Santa Cruz in November.

The accused lady of the night is 26-year-old Alix Catherine Tichleman and she was charged with manslaughter, prostitution, and drug counts. Allegedly, she was invited by 51-year-old Forrest Hayes who worked as an exec for Google, Sun Microsystems and Apple.

Hayes found Tichleman on Seeking Arrangements, a website that hooks rich guys up to aspiring “sugar babies.” Tichleman was invited on to Hayes’ yacht last November where she brought some heroine, she prepared a dose and injected Hayes with it. Security camera footage on the yacht showed that Hayes had a bad reaction to the dose and collapsed into unconsciousness. It’s what the hooker did after that will make you never trust them.

Instead of calling 911, Tichleman ignored Hayes, packed up the drugs and needles, stepped over his body to finish her glass of wine, and lowered the blinds of the yacht before leaving. Hayes died on November 23rd, but Tichleman was just recently arrested because she indicated that she was planning to leave the state on Facebook. She is now being held on a $1.5 million dollar bail.

So if there is one important lesson to learn from this unfortunate incident, it’s that the Chris Brown quote “these hoes ain’t loyal” has never been truer.

Source: LA Times

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