This is What Makes Japanese Soccer Fans the Classiest at the World Cup

In any game, there will always be a winner and a loser, but how you handle either situation really speaks about your character. When American sports fans win (or lose), all hell breaks loose and riots will leave entire cities overturned and burning. In South America, wins or losses might even result in the unfortunate deaths of the soccer players themselves. But when it comes to Japan, they are perhaps the classiest fans out there- when they lose, they clean the stadium.

Last Saturday, Japan lost their first match to the Ivory Coast by 2-1, and while a loss like that would destroy the hearts of most soccer fans, several Japanese fans responded by cleaning up the stadium at Arena Pernambuco in Recife, Brazil. It’s a classy move that every country could learn from:

soccer 3


soccer 2

soccer 1

The fans, nicknamed the Blue Samurais, are known for their cleaning etiquette after games. In Japan, it’s a custom to clean the stadium after a game and they’ve demonstrated this at past World Cup events. It’s not just the fans either- the Japanese soccer team bowed to fans after the game when they started the clean-up to thank them for their support.


Meanwhile, in America…

soccer 7soccer 6soccer 9

You stay classy, Japan.

Source: Policy Mic Images courtesy of Imgur

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