This is Real: The Most Amazing Speaker System in Existence

cloud 4

When I first saw a picture of this, I thought it was some digitally created image, but it’s actually a real thing. How boss would this be to have this in your startup office?

This is the Cloud, designed by Richard Clarkson who makes a bunch of other cool gadgets, and it’s a motion detecting remote controlled light-up bluetooth speaker system. In short, this thing brings lightning and thunder into your home for reals.

You definitely have to check  this baby out:

cloud 2

cloud 1

cloud 3

If you are just like me, you’ll want one in your home and/or office like, yesterday, but you might want to check your piggy bank first. A normal cloud system is available for purchase from Richard Clarkson’s studio, but it will set you back a wholesome $3,360.00. However, the lamp only option goes for $960.00, which you still have to be a baller to drop on a lamp.

Now I can really say “I love lamp.”

Source: Richard Clarkson


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