This is How Silicon Valley is Marketing Tech Geeks Now

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Silicon Valley, where tech geeks are celebrated like rockstars and sex symbols, is having a lot of fun with their new surge in the billboard industry.

One company, Dice, is getting a few laughs in traffic with their new and provocative campaign to market real programmers and engineers that are baring it all save for a pair of merciful boxer shorts.

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Natasha Raja, VP of marketing for Dice, explained:

“We wanted to make people smile when they were stuck in traffic.”

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Silicon Valley’s billboard industry is undergoing a tech-company led boom right now. The demand for board space along the “gold coast” between San Francisco and San Jose is driving up the cost of ad space between $14,000 and $40,000 a month. Agencies now have to book at least six months in advance just to snag a billboard.

billboard 3

Bloomberg reported that Dice now has plans to put up another geek-risqué billboard with an engineer that looks a lot like Jason Alexander’s George Costanza from “Seinfeld.”

“We’re really proud of it … We had a lot of fun with the campaign,” Raja said.

Images via CargoCollective

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