This Infographic Sums up What Will Happen After the Internet Disappears

Why might the internet “disappear,” as Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicted last month?

The Internet of Things, of course! If the Internet of Things isn’t familiar to you, imagine the futuristic smart houses you’ve seen featured in movies and cartoons — all the household devices are interconnected on a single network, which then allows them to wake you up, get your shower ready, set out your clothes and make you breakfast all in synch. That’s a bit of the end-vision for the Internet of Things.

If the concept still isn’t clear to you, check out the below infographic from Goldman Sachs, who explains:

“The Internet of Things, or IoT, is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices – ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment –  the IoT merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments and consumers.”


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