This Guy Just Raised $2 Million For a Startup Literally About NOTHING. Here’s How He Did it.

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Everyone stresses over making sure they have an amazing pitch deck and a minimum viable product before they go around pitching to investors. A quick glance at some of the pitches on the show “Shark Tank” gives you an idea of what it takes for an investor to even think about giving you money.

Then there are guys like Itay Adam, who just raised $2 million in funding with, wait for it, NO actual company or product and a five-slide presentation- about NOTHING. Before we go on further, check out his presentation below:

This literally defies all logic when it comes to optimally pitching your startup for funding, so how in the world did he did it? Adam’s answer: entertainment.

Although it was only five slides, Adam’s presentation ran for 40 minutes and was packed with jokes. He even hired a professional screenwriter to help with his act and practiced for weeks. In an interview, Adam told Forbes:

“Nobody knows what the next big thing is going to be, it’s all just speculation. My goal is to build a team of five to six people, all veterans with a proven track record, all over the age of 35, to create that next big thing, whatever it may be.”

This goes to show that in the end, there is no wrong way to raise money. You don’t have to have an amazing idea or product to get funding. If you can entertain and win people over through your personality, passion, and team, people will invest in you.

“If you want money from investors, give them a great show! Hire a screenwriter if you have to, just like I did. Make sure you’re putting on a great act with your pitch! For me, watching a lot of Louis C.K. stand-up comedy performances turned out to be a great investment.”

Source: Forbes

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