This Car Wash in Beijing is Exactly What it Looks Like


When a car wash shop in Beijing, China was looking for ways to increase their profits, they came up with an incredibly original idea (please note sarcasm) of rolling out a special service targeting rich patrons: bikini girl car washing service.

The shop is located in Beijing’s Chaoyang District and started offering the service last Saturday. If the photos are not obvious enough, the service basically entails getting your car washed by attractive girls wearing a swimsuit and high-heels. The service starts at 880RMB, which is roughly $130 USD. The price does no include waxing or other services (no I’m not going to go there).

Despite its high price, business has been taking off and profits have been increasing exponentially, according to Shanghaiist. As the shop owner explains:

“Nowadays our business is ‘exploding’… Those who come to purchase this service are mainly drivers of cars such as Lamborghini’s and Maseratis.”

The photos, provided by MSN China, are reportedly of a wealthy Chinese man by the name of Zhang.


As you can see, he’s having the time of his life.


Zhang apparently loves the service so much that he came in twice to have the same car washed. When asked why, he said:

“It rained after I had my car washed. As the service here is good with an inexpensive price of 880RMB, I decided to drive back and have my car washed again.”


I guess the old notion of “sex sells” will never die.


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