This Brand Manager Believes in His Product So Much He Eats Off a Subway Floor

When you rep a product you are selling, nothing makes that easier than truly believing in the quality of the product.

That’s what brand manager Ravi Dalchand proved when he showed how the BISSELL Symphony vacuum and steam mop makes surfaces so clean, you can eat off of them. Watch their ad:

Dalchand casually strolls into a Toronto subway and begins to vacuum a section of the floor. He then throws what looks like Italian take-out on the floor, tucks a napkin in his shirt, and begins to eat it while on-lookers gasp in disgust.

The BISSELL Symphony all-in-one vacuum and steam mop claims to remove 99.9% of germs and bacteria from surfaces using only water and costs $219.00 dollars.

As you can imagine, a subway floor is about as clean as a sewer, so hopefully Dalchand is still alive next week. That’s what you call faith in your product.

H/T: Elite Daily


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