This Alarm Clock Doubles as a Bedside Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee lover, this is probably how you want to wake up every day for forever. U.K.-based industrial designer Josh Renouf has created the “Barisieur,” the alarm clock that wakes you up with the aroma of coffee steaming off a hot fresh cup you can drink from your bed. All you have to do is set it up before you go to bed which, according to Renouf, is a good pre-bedtime routine that will aid in relaxation.

Check out the clock of caffeine addicts.

It seems to go really well with the whole wood furniture theme.

coffee 1

It’s got a removable tray for easy set-up and cleaning. This is one tray you wouldn’t want to drop…

coffee 12

It’s got a nifty drawer for ground coffee and sugar. Though, this might be asking for ants…

coffee 7

It’s got a cool test-tube to hold your cream as well. Who needs refrigerated cream anyways…


The night before you can tinker with the ambiguous knobs to set the brew time.

coffee 10

And before you even wake, voila! Fresh coffee. Best not try to blindly hit the snooze button on this clock.

coffee 2

Add the cream that’s been sitting there all night and enjoy!

coffee 3

These neat metal marbles are what heat up the water through induction. So cool, much science!

coffee 6

Drink coffee in bed! Careful not to spill on those extremely clean looking white sheets now.

coffee 4

Then leave everything there in your bedroom for someone else to clean up. Or leave it for the ants…

coffee 11

Source: BoredPanda


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