There’s Finally a Coach Flight That Feels Like First Class and It’s Coming Sooner Than You Expect


Anyone that has flown coach knows how much it can suck. If it’s not the incredibly small seats, it’s the crappy food that’s served to you, or the non-existent leg room. Now thanks to design firm Priestmangoode, we’ll very soon have a coach flight that doesn’t make you feel poor.

Priestmangoode, which is the company behind the rebranded interiors of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, recently revealed plans to give the Embraer E2 Jet a complete makeover. Some of the changes include:

  • Slimmer seats – This will make the plane lighter and more eco-friendly while freeing up space in the cabin for passengers.
  • Your own PSU – Gone will be the days of putting your arm in someones face when adjusting lighting and air.
  • Bigger luggage bins – It’s said that the new bins will increase capacity for 40% — kick ass!

Overall, the new design strips the plane of material that was unnecessary in the cabin, which makes a lighter and roomier plane for everyone to enjoy. Check out the photos below:


3033559-slide-embraerpsuoverview-1 3033559-slide-hard-partition-1 3033559-slide-economy-front 3033559-slide-economyfrontface 3033559-slide-economybackface 3033559-slide-staggered-overview 3033559-slide-embraerpsu 3033559-slide-economy-side 3033559-slide-embraerpartitionwocurtain 3033559-slide-interior2comp 3033559-slide-embraerlatch 3033559-slide-entrance

Source: Fast Company

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