That Awkward Moment When You Crash Your New Tesla Model S Before Leaving the Dealership


It’s one thing to be a terrible driver, it’s another to be so terrible that you crash your newly-bought Tesla Model S just as you’re about to leave the dealer. The car starts at $70,000 so it’s certainly not a cheap car. I can only imagine how this guy must feel right now. Reddit user s1lentway shared the image, and gave us a little backstory:

Just a little context. We believe this is someone who just got their car. They must have been driving it for less than a minute and lost control, crashing right into the sign missing the show room glass windows only by a few inches. Not the way you want to start out driving a brand new $70K + car that took a few months to make for you.

Lesson learned: Don’t get too excited behind the wheel!

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