Teen Steals Tip Jar From Gina Darling’s Family, Brags About it on Instagram

Twitter users have come together to hunt down a girl who allegedly stole a tip jar from a family’s small business and later mocked them about asking her to render hours for community service as punishment.

YouTuber and gamer MissGinaDarling broke the news in a tweet last week, identifying the girl as Nicole Sitton in screenshots.

“This girl stole a tip jar from my family’s small business. We were nice enough to just ask her to do community service after her dad and brother begged us to go easy on her. Now she disappeared after mocking us about asking her to do her hours. Twitter, do your thing and find her.”

Based on their exchange, it is understood that Gina’s family is giving Nicole until “the end of June” to complete her community service. However, she did not seem to take their demand seriously.

“So are you done running your mouth or is there anything else you have to say?”

Gina, who added that Nicole’s brother and father “begged” her family to “go easy on her,” also shared a screenshot of her brother’s messages.

“Please do not disclose any information of this. I am just a brother looking out for my sister,” Nicole’s brother, Jared, wrote.

But Gina, determined to teach Nicole a lesson, managed to let Twitter do the search. It did not take long before users tracked her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Responding to the backlash, Nicole, who identifies as half-Asian, taunted Twitter users as they tried to find her.

It is unclear if the situation has already been settled, but seeing that the conversation continues, it looks like Nicole has not logged in hours yet.

Twitter users have been weighing in on the issue, with many rooting for Nicole’s consequences.

Meanwhile, others believe that Gina is being pathetic for chasing a cup of change.

Still, there are those who pointed the lesson Nicole — and her family — must learn.

Interestingly, Nicole is also being accused of stealing from another location.

Only time will tell if the tip jar thief will be brought to justice.

Feature Image via Twitter / MissGinaDarling

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