Teen Ruthlessly Beats Elderly Woman With Her Own Cane After She Gave Him Advice

A surveillance camera recently captured the shocking moment when an enraged teenager beat up a defenseless 87-year-old woman in eastern China.

The gut-wrenching crime happened on September 25 in Zhejiang, China when the woman, identified as Madam Zhang, reportedly gave the frustrated 18-year-old man friendly advice that he could damage his bicycle if he handles it roughly, according to AsiaOne.

The young man, however, did not take the elderly woman’s words to heart, and instead took out his anger on the defenseless old woman.

In the clip, the man threw a rock at the woman before lunging at her with a forceful kick to the stomach that knocked her down.

Instead of running away, he continued to kick the woman and even used her cane to hit her as she lay on the ground.

Luckily, another person quickly rushed to the elderly woman’s aid and took the cane away from the furious teenager.

The woman was later taken to the hospital and is now being treated and recovering from multiple fractures. The young man is now being detained by the police for questioning as authorities investigate the matter.

Images via YouTube / 西瓜视频Watermelon video

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