Taiwanese Woman Charges Her Husband $66 For Sex Due to Excessive Partying

A Taiwanese woman who was fed up with her husband constantly spending all his money on partying devised an interesting solution to solve their financial problems.

For every time they have sex, she would charge him $66. The money was then used to help with bills around the house which her husband rarely contributed. The arrangement worked out well until he grew tired of paying to sleep with his own wife; he went as far as to alert the authorities because obviously, that’s the first thing everyone does when their loved ones make them pay for sex.

His plan completely backfired and he is now paying $660 per month in legally-required familial support.

So what’s the lessons here boys? Don’t forget to care for your family and stop partying so damn much! You should’ve  got that out of your system before you got married.

Source: Elite Daily

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