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7-Year-Old Chinese Boy With Autism Earns $16,000 Teaching Yoga

yoga for kids

Meet Sun Chuyang, the youngest yoga instructor in all of China — perhaps even the youngest in the world.

At the very young age of seven, Sun, who comes from Taizhou in eastern China’s Zhejiang province, is already making tons of money. According to China Daily, he’s earned more than 100,000 yuan ($15,930) from teaching yoga, the group physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline that originated in ancient India.

Americans Who Do Yoga Promote White Supremacy, Michigan Professor Claims

yoga white supremacy

White Americans who practice yoga are preserving the “continuation of white supremacy and colonialism,” according to a professor Michigan State University.

Shreena Gandhi, a professor of religious studies, published her stance in “Yoga and the Roots of Cultural Appropriation,” a report co-written with Lillie Wolff who claims to be an “antiracist White Jewish organizer, facilitator and healer.”

Hindus are Angry With Gwyneth Paltrow for Trying to Make Yoga Insanely Expensive

Hindus are criticizing Gwyneth Paltrow’s expensive yoga and meditation goods/services promoted through her lifestyle brand GOOP.

The products in question are part of GOOP’s “2017 Holiday Gift Guide.” One of them is a “Meditation Band,” which uses “soothing sounds from the great outdoors to gently guide you back to a meditative state.” It sells for a whopping $350.

This New ‘Rage Yoga’ Class Let’s People Drink Beer and Scream to Find Inner Peace

Sometimes when you’re angry, you might feel like getting belligerently drunk and smashing glass bottles against a wall — or you could go to rage yoga.

One woman is bringing the dark side to yoga by allowing participants to swear, scream, listen to heavy metal and drink beer during their vinyasa class. Lindsay Istace, 24, is the founder of this style of yoga that she dubs “Rage Yoga.”

Doctors Have Disgusting News for Women Who Wear Yoga Pants All the Time

There’s bad news for people who opt to wear workout clothes all day, everyday.

Apparently, athleisure, the term for this lifestyle of activewear, may have some nasty side effects that include yeast infections, skin rashes and acne. One New York dermatologist, Dr. Michael Eidelman, spoke with Mic about the many types of skin conditions that can occur as a consequence of wearing clothing that doesn’t allow the skin to breathe.