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This ‘Warm Box’ Looks Absolutely Ridiculous But It’s Cold, It’s Chinese and We Want It

The winter season can be, at times, unforgiving, and the best way to fight the face-numbing cold – at least in Japan – is the ever-famous kotatsu.

Kotatsu may be cozy and definitely provide the necessary heat on one’s legs or lower half of the body, but they do not cover the upper half. Luckily, SoraNews42 discovered there’s a product on a Chinese site that does both.

The Sauna Box, which is currently being offered at Chinese shop TMall for 266 yuan ($42), doesn’t look as elegant as a kotatsu. In fact, it looks pretty ridiculous.

However, it does look like it can do what it’s supposed to do, which is give warmth during incredibly cold winters.

Bonus: you can enjoy playing on your smartphone or even tablet as you keep yourself warm thanks to its two holes where you can slide your arms.

Plus, there’s a hoodie for the heat to circulate on your head.

It’s just as the saying goes: “If it looks stupid but works, it ain’t stupid.”

Featured image via TMall

China is So Cold, Firemen Are Getting Free ‘Ice Armor’

firefighters winter

Chinese firefighters were surprised to find out their gear turned into ice armor as they extinguished a fire in Altay, Northwest China’s, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

The temperature at the time was below minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit), according to China Daily. The incredibly low temperature froze their gear to the point that they stood upright after taking them off – giving the impression that they had donned ice armor.

Migrant Worker in China Walks 24 Miles in Blizzard to Save Money for Wife’s New Year’s Gift

A 60-year-old migrant worker from central China’s Henan province recently walked 24 miles (40 kilometers) after bus terminals were shut down during the blizzard that hit Shanghai last week.

Zhao Fangzi, who is working in construction in Shanghai, was returning to his hometown on Friday last week for the coming holidays. The going was made difficult, however, as the bus stations were shut down after the blizzard that hit Shanghai and other nearby areas.

Why Mongolians Are Champions of Surviving Harsh Winters

We’re smack dab in the middle of winter, and for those of us living closer to the North and South Poles, it’s cold. Really, really cold. Of course, many of us have the privilege of sweaters, indoor heating, and Asian blankets, so we can’t truly complain about how cold it is (like that’s going to stop us).

But not all methods of battling the bitter cold are equal, and many societies adapted to harsh climates in their own unique way. Never has this been more true than in Mongolia, with its traditionally nomadic people dotting its vast, expansive landscapes for centuries.