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China Will Now ‘Severely Punish’ the Selling, Eating of Wild Animals

Wildlife Ban

The Chinese government has officially imposed a permanent ban on the selling and consumption of illegal wildlife amid the outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The announcement of the permanent ban was made by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on Monday, according to Shanghaiist. It said that the hunting, trading and transportation of terrestrial wild animals that naturally grow and breed in the wild for the sole purpose of consumption is now “completely prohibited.”

Whale Found Off Thailand Dies from Eating More than 80 Plastic Bags

A short-fin male pilot whale that Thai authorities found in the Na Thap Canal in Thailand near the border with Malaysia early last week had died from eating more than 80 plastic bags and other packaging.

The poor animal was found by the authorities on May 28, Monday, in the canal. A group who rescued the whale tried to save it from dying, as can be seen in the photos that posted on Thai Facebook on Thursday.

Shark Fin Soup is Now Illegal in Nevada

Shark fin soup, a popular Chinese delicacy, is now illegal in Nevada after the passing of a new law that prohibits the sale of shark fins, among parts and products of certain animal species.

Senate Bill No. 194, effective on January 1, forbids the trade of body parts and by-products derived from a shark fin, a lion of the species Panthera leo and any species of elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, pangolin, sea turtle, ray, mammoth, narwhal, walrus or hippopotamus.

‘World’s Ugliest Pig’ Caught in the Wild For the First Time Ever on Camera in Indonesia

Researchers in Java, Indonesia, were thrilled to announce the first ever captured footage of the elusive and almost extinct species Javan warty pig, also known and referred to as the “World’s Ugliest Pig.”

The species, which was previously thought to have become extinct, was caught on the wild with the camera traps set up by the researchers for the study designed by Dr. Johanna Rode-Margono, a South East Asia field program coordinator at the U.K.’s Chester Zoo, alongside Indonesian researcher and Project Manager, Shafia Zahra, according to Fox News.

Daughter of Mother Mauled By Tiger at Chinese Safari Park Now Seeks $330,000 Over Death

Nearly 17 months after her mother died by the fangs of a Siberian tiger, a woman filed a petition demanding compensation from the safari park where the incident took place.

The woman, surnamed Zhao, is seeking 1.49 million yuan ($226,500) from Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing for failing to rescue her mother in the unfortunate event on July 23, 2016.