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Chinese Boss Pays Employees $14 For Every 2 Pounds They Lose

A firm in China found a lucrative way to motivate their employees to lose weight. The Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting in Shaanxi Province decided to implement a reward system program wherein workers are given cash incentives for the amount of weight they lose.

The company boss, Chairman Wang Xuebao, said that they started the program aiming to “form a culture and engage in healthy competition” as well as making sure that their employees are at a healthy weight.

Why Asians Are at High Risk for Heart Disease Even if They’re ‘Normal’ Weight

A study published this week reveals that Asians, along with African-Americans and Hispanics, have high risk factors for heart disease even with normal weight.

Researchers studied data from 2,622 Caucasian, 1,893 African-American, 1,496 Hispanic, 803 Chinese-American and 803 South Asian participants aged 44 to 84. They used Body Mass Index (BMI), a height-to-weight ratio, to determine whether participants are normal, overweight or obese.

Korean Netizens Amazed After 221-Pound Woman’s Insane Transformation

In a YouTube video uploaded to dieting channel “DanoTV” which has since gone viral, South Korean university student Jinny revealed how she went from 100 kg (221 pounds) to 50 kg (110 pounds) by changing her eating habits.

Jinny enjoyed chowing down on delivery chicken and beer on Friday nights and had gained 25 kg (55 pounds) within a year when she was a high school senior, according to Allkpop.

An Alarming Number of People in China Are Suffering From Eating Disorders

One of the negative impacts of China’s economic growth is the alarming rise in eating disorders among the Chinese citizens.  

Previously seen to be most prevalent in Western societies, the illness primarily blamed on media and societal affluence is growing while local services dedicated to treating it are barely catching up, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Science Reveals the Exact Weight You Need to Lose in Order to Be More Attractive

New research reveals the average amount of weight men and women need to lose in order for others to find them more attractive.

To find the answer, researchers from the Department of Psychology at the University of Toronto showed participants a collection of digitally created photos of male and female faces that looked between 20 and 40 years old. Each face was given different amounts of facial fat and then placed in a sequence of increasing scale. The study’s participants were then asked to determine which faces were heavier-looking from randomly drawn pairs of images.