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PUBG Owner Set to Become a Billionaire After Game Company Goes Public in South Korea


Krafton Inc., the company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is set to turn its owner into a billionaire when it goes public next month.

“Winner, winner, chicken dinner”: Krafton founder Chang Byung-gyu, who holds 14% of the company’s shares, could be worth as much as $3.5 billion if initial public offering (IPO) prices stay at the top end of the company’s IPO filing’s range, reported Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Stunning New Game Packed-Full of Chinese Culture Goes Viral

“Black Myth: Wukong,” a relatively unknown game from Hangzhou-based studio Game Science, ignites a lot of interest after the developer released the title’s first official gameplay trailer on Wednesday.

Game Science showcased the game’s features in the first 13-minute gameplay video, which includes exploration, its combat system, stealth, boss battles and its different environments, according to IGN.

Malaysian Mom Makes $4,400 Playing ‘PUBG’, Encourages Kids to Live Their Dreams

Roslinda Embran, more famously known online as Lynda Embran, or Miss Rose, is living proof that anyone can become a successful streamer if they just work hard at it.

The Malaysian housewife shared her story while speaking to Zayan My in December. She admitted that it did not go smoothly when she first started out streaming “Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (“PUBG”), as translated by World of Buzz.

Chinese University Offers Video Game Course for Students Interested in Esports


A university in north-eastern China is now offering a course for its students who want to become better at video games and eventually get into esports.

The Shenyang University in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China is offering a course that teaches students how to play, produce, promote and provide professional commentary on video games, the teachers said, according to the Daily Mail.