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Black Asian USC student faces backlash for advocating ‘Lunar New Year’ over ‘Chinese New Year’

Black Asian USC student receives backlash
  • Kiara Nguyen, a biracial Black and Vietnamese student at the University of Southern California, was accused of attempting “to erase the holiday’s Chinese origins” when she said “Chinese New Year” was incorrect in a post on the school’s Instagram account.
  • “I misspoke. What I was trying to explain was that Lunar New Year was an inclusive term. You wouldn’t say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ to your non-Chinese Asian friends,” Nguyen said. “I want to be clear that if you are speaking to someone who is Chinese, calling it Chinese New Year would be correct.”
  • Other people also took offense when Nguyen claimed lì xì, the informal Cantonese name for the red envelopes given during Lunar New Year, was a Vietnamese term.
  • The senior USC student double majoring in psychology and NGOs and social change was reportedly subjected to hateful messages and racist remarks in the aftermath. Nguyen also received a threat in her email, saying she is now a “hot target to our whole Chinese group from the whole world.”
  • Nguyen also expressed that this would not have been an issue if she was not half Black, saying, “It’s always ‘Black people are playing the victim’ when they talk about injustices. It’s been… frustrating to see people denying the fact that I’m being called slurs and also denying my identity as an Asian woman. As a mixed race person, I’ve had to deal with the invalidation so often — I’m tired at this point.”

A Black Asian student from the University of Southern California found herself in hot water after many Chinese students expressed outrage over her Lunar New Year post on the university’s Instagram story earlier this month.

Kiara Nguyen, a senior USC student double majoring in psychology and NGOs and social change, was tapped by USC Communications to celebrate the beginning of Black History Month and Lunar New Year on Feb. 1 by creating social media posts, Daily Trojan reported, The posts would mark the first time in 19 years that the two occasions started on the same day.

USC to officially apologize to Japanese American students blocked from receiving degrees during WWII

USC apology

Eighty years after an unjust dismissal from the University of Southern California (USC), the private university is searching for the 121 Japanese American Nisei students who were impeded from finishing their degrees and forced into concentration camps during WWII in order to grant them honorary degrees and apologize to them.

A long time coming: USC President Carol Folt will publicly apologize to the Nisei students from the 1941-1942 year for the actions of former USC president Rufus B. von KleinSmid, who was also later found to have ties to antisemitism, racism and the eugenics movement, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Woman Sentenced To Life in P‌ris‌o‌n for Br‌ut‌al‌l‌y M‌ur‌de‌ri‌n‌g Chinese USC Grad Student

A 20-year-old woman was sentenced for their role in the br‌uta‌l k‌il‌lin‌g of a Chinese graduate student at the University of Southern California in 2014.

According to ABC7, defendant Alejandra Guerrero was only 16 years old when she got herself involved in the at‌ta‌c‌k of 24-year-old engineering student Xinran Ji on July 24, 2014,

USC President to Resign Over Handling of Doctor Who Targeted Chinese Students for Sex Abuse

C.L. Max Nikias, president of the University of Southern California, is stepping down from his post in the wake of a scandal involving a gynecologist accused of sexual misconduct towards students, particularly those of Chinese nationality.

The university’s Board of Trustees announced his resignation on Friday, but when it happens and who replaces him remain unclear, the Los Angeles Times reported.

5 Former USC Students Sue Doctor Who Allegedly Targeted Chinese Women for Sexual Abuse

At least five women and former USC students have filed lawsuits against former USC gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall for alleged sexual misconduct.

Lucy Chi, a former graduate student and alleged victim, filed a class action lawsuit on Tuesday against Tyndall, USC, and the board of trustees. Four other women also filed a lawsuit on Monday against Tyndall and the school. The school is being accused of letting Tyndall work at the student health center for almost 30 years despite being repeatedly accused of sexual misconduct from patients, “deliberately concealing” the sexual abuse taking place.

USC Gynecologist Accused of Sexual Misconduct Targeted Chinese Students for 30 Years

A gynecologist who worked for the student health clinic of the University of Southern California is facing a wave of accusations of sexual misconduct from female students, particularly Chinese nationals, for allegedly taking advantage of their limited understanding of English and American healthcare norms.

Dr. George Tyndall, 71, attended to thousands of female students at the Engemann Student Health Center for almost 30 years.

Second Man Sentenced to Life in Prison For Murdering Chinese USC Student

Jonathan Del Carmen, 22, has been sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in connection to Chinese USC student’s Xinran Ji death. Del Carmen was one of four people involved in the brutal assault on Ji with a baseball bat during the night of July 24, 2014.

Del Carmen now becomes the third person convicted of the death of the Chinese engineering student, as he joins his accomplices Alejandra Guerrero and Andrew Garcia. According to the L.A. Times, another defendant, named Alberto Ochoa, was also involved but pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial.

Man Who Beat Chinese USC Student to Death in 2014 Gets Life Sentence

One man from a group of four arrested for the killing of a Chinese USC graduate student in 2014 has been sentenced to life in prison.

Andrew Garcia received a life in prison sentence without the possibility of parole on Wednesday, CBS Los Angeles reported. The 21-year-old was convicted on June 8 for the vicious murder of 24-year-old electrical engineering student, Xinran Ji.

Beloved Chinese Psychology Professor Stabbed to Death By USC Student

A beloved Chinese psychology professor at the University of Southern California was stabbed to death by a student following an alleged “personal dispute” within the university campus on Friday  afternoon.

The suspect, 28-year-old brain and cognitive science student David Jonathan Brown, reportedly killed professor Bosco Tjan who is said to be his mentor, according to the Associated Press.

Meet the 25-Year-Old USC Alumni Who Started the First Female-Led Millenial Venture Capital Firm

One 25-year-old is paving the way as a pioneering women in venture capital and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Asia.

Pocket (Yiqing) Sun has accomplished much for someone her age having graced the cover of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia in Venture Capital and Finance and becoming the youngest person in LinkedIn 2015 Top Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship