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Thai beauty pageant finalist denied entry into Dubai for being transgender

Thai Model FI
  • Thai model Rachaya Noppakaroon, who is transgender, said she wasinterrogated for hours at the Dubai airport because her passport stated that she was “male.”
  • In a tearful Facebook post on March 16, Noppakaroom detailed a complete timeline of what happened from the moment she arrived in Dubai to when she was forced to return to Thailand.
  • “A nightmare while my eyes are open,” she wrote. “We were so determined to perform in Dubai.”
  • According to the Criminal Code of Dubai, it is illegal to be transgender or homosexual, and punishable by law with up to 14 years of imprisonment and a fine of approximately $2,700.
  • Noppakaroon, who was the 2014 Miss Tiffany’s pageant first runner-up, was attempting to travel to Dubai for a Muay Thai demonstration at the World Expo.

Model Rachaya Noppakaroon detailed on her Facebook the hours of interrogation over her gender she underwent by Dubai’s immigration office.

Thai model Rachaya Noppakaroon, who is also transgender, said she was interrogated for hours at the Dubai airport because her passport stated that she was “male.” Despite having the appropriate paperwork, she was ultimately denied entry and forced to return to Thailand just 19 hours after she arrived.

China opens first transgender clinic for children, adolescents in a Shanghai university

transgender clinic fudan

China’s first transgender clinic that offers help to children and adolescents in their transition through medical and psychological means has recently opened in Shanghai.

A bridge: The clinic, which opened its doors at the Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, aims to act as a bridge that connects transgender children, parents, doctors and other social groups, according to Global Times.

Genderqueer actor and model Chella Man becomes the first transmasculine face for YSL Beauty

chella man ysl beauty first trans face

Jewish Chinese American artist, activist, actor and model Chella Man is celebrating another milestone as the first transmasculine face of YSL Beauty.

Celebrating scars: In a campaign video for the brand, the 22-year-old deaf, genderqueer artist celebrates his scars from gender confirmation surgery. He says, “My scars are radiant, they show where I’ve been.”