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Chinese K-pop singer attacked online, told to ‘go back to China’ for not kneeling down to fans

  • Chinese “Everglow” K-pop star Wang Yiren sparked a controversy online for not bowing down to greet her fans at an event in Seoul.
  • The rest of the group members were seen bowing deeply to their fans as a sign of respect that is part of the Korean New Years tradition.
  • While there are Chinese netizens applauding Wang for offering a traditional Chinese salute to fans, many South Korean netizens have deemed her gesture “disrespectful.”
  • Wang’s management company has also announced her temporary break on Monday to return to China.

The Chinese singer Wang Yiren from the K-pop group “Everglow” received backlash from South Korean fans after favoring traditional Chinese etiquette over the Korean New Year’s tradition of bowing to greet fans in Seoul.

The controversial gesture 

Little Girl Removes Her Barbies’ Shoes Before Entering the House, Makes Asian Parents Proud

One adorable little girl named Korra Lam wanted to follow in the footsteps of Asian tradition by removing her Barbie dolls’ shoes before she places them in her Barbie Dream House.

The 4-year-old from Orange County, California, got the dollhouse as a Christmas present, but it wasn’t until Sunday that her 16-year-old half-sister, Ivy Ho, realized that Korra was taking off all the Barbie dolls’ shoes.

Why Japanese People Are Always Giving Gifts to Each Other

Many of us give gifts only on birthdays and other special occasions. Oftentimes, we also forgive those who forget them when we’re on the receiving end.

But fly to Japan, where a unique tradition of obligatory gift-giving is commonplace. It’s called the “omiyage” culture. So if you’re looking for the best birthday gifts for her, you can take a peak at sites such as