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‘My Neighbor Totoro’ forest that inspired Hayao Miyazaki classic to become a protected preserve

  • On June 2, Tokorozawa, Japan, Mayor Masato Fujimoto declared that the city would be preserving Totoro's forest.
  • Totoro no Mori, or Totoro's forest, is a forest located in Sayama Hills. The forest was the main source of inspiration for Hayao Miyazaki’s 1998 film, “My Neighbor Totoro.”
  • The project is expected to cost 2.6 billion yen (approximately $19.35 million) and cover the 8.6-acre forest.
  • The funds will be provided through city funds, crowdfunding, Miyazaki’s personal contributions and donations by Studio Ghibli.

Totoro no Mori, the Japanese forest that inspired Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli film “My Neighbor Totoro,” will become a protected nature preserve.

The forest where protagonist sisters Satsuki and Mei first meet Totoro in the movie is modeled after Totoro no Mori, as is the town where they live.