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Subtle Asian Traits has been nominated for Facebook’s first Community Award

Social media platform Facebook announced that they are introducing a new award for creators called Facebook Community Awards, and community group Subtle Asian Traits has been nominated. 

Awards: Facebook created this award in order to “showcase, celebrate and reward more of the incredible community builders we see on our platform every day.” Subtle Asian Traits, also fittingly known as SAT, has been nominated under the “Identity” category.

TV Series Based on ‘Subtle Asian Traits’ Facebook Page is Under Development

Subtle Asian Traits

“Subtle Asian Traits” (SAT), a popular Facebook group dedicated to memes and posts about the Asian experience, is now being developed as a television series. 

About the project: The college-set television series, based on a script written by Ivan Tsang and Justin R. Ching, will be produced by John Zhang and new studio Jumpcut, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Taiwanese Woman Finds the Love of Her Life After Going on a Safari in Tanzania


A Taiwanese woman’s love story spanning across the world from Tanzania to Montreal, Canada, captured the hearts of over 53,000 people on the Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits.

Lucia Lee-Kombe, @luleekombe, shared how other members’ posts on cultural diversity inspired her to speak about her own story of finding love a whole continent away.

A Bully Made Fun of His Asian Lunches in School Until a Teacher Stepped In to Fix Things

asian food

Among the many experiences that connects all Asian kids who grew up in the West is the shame or embarrassment other children made you feel when you brought home-cooked Asian food to school for lunch. For Anthony Kang, his story of getting bullied was met with a touching moment as a Korean kid growing up in Canada.

In his recent post on the Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits,” Kang highlighted how a teacher’s action helped enlighten his elementary classmate who then exhibited prejudice toward him and the food he ate during lunch.