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Samsung Invents a Flower Vase That is Also a Grenade That Kills Fire

It may sound like an early – or late – April Fool’s joke, but Samsung has invented a flower vase that can act as an extinguisher when you throw it at a fire.

This new product, which was produced by Samsung’s subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide, is aptly called Firevase. It has multiple purposes, mainly as a flower vase, and if a fire breaks out, this can also be used as some sort of a fire extinguisher grenade.

Something is Wrong With the iPhone 8 Plus Battery in Japan and Taiwan

Two cases of batteries swelling up have been reported by iPhone 8 Plus users in Japan and Taiwan. While it may sound alarming, fans shouldn’t worry as it’s reportedly nowhere near as dangerous as the infamous Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery explosions in 2016.

The first reported incident of the iPhone 8 Plus battery swelling occurred in Taichung, Taiwan when a woman bought a gold variant of the handset on Sept. 23. CnBeta reported that everything was going smoothly with the phablet — the term coined to describe a smartphone/tablet hybrid — as translated by Gizmo China.

Samsung Chairman’s Daughter Ordered By Court to Give Ex-Husband $7.64 Million

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s eldest daughter, Lee Boo-jin, has been ordered by a court in Seoul to provide her ex-husband with millions of dollars worth of assets.

Boo-jin, who is also the CEO of luxury hotel Shilla, holds a large amount of shares in South Korea’s tech giant Samsung, with Forbes estimating the 46-year-old‘s net worth at roughly around $2 billion.

Samsung Forced to Apologize to China Even Though Their Galaxy Note 7s Didn’t Explode

A few days after the Galaxy Note 7 was launched, Samsung was forced to issue a massive recall in several markets due to reported battery safety issues that have caused some units to catch fire, according to Consumerist.

The issue however was not found in the phones released in China. That is why the company did not find it necessary to issue a recall of the units in the country.

Chinese Government Office Bans Employees From Using Samsung Galaxy Note 7

A government office in China has banned its employees from using Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 following the device’s ban in airplanes.

Chengdu’s Government Affairs Service Center announced that it is banning employees from using the model for safety reasons, China Daily reported. Monitoring will be strengthened in an area allotted for free internet and battery recharging.

North Korea Confiscates Samsung Smartphones Given to all Olympic Athletes

Samsung is a major sponsor at the Rio 2016 Olympics, so it’s not surprising that all 11,200 Olympic athletes were gifted a brand new Galaxy S7 Edge smart phone — complete with Olympic-themed decorations.

Unfortunately, a small group of athletes was prevented from receiving the gift. North Korea’s Olympic committee reportedly banned all 31 of their athletes from getting their free phones, reportedly fearing that they would use them to contact the outside world.