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Jon M. Chu Flew in a $700,000 Rolex To Film a One-Second Scene in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Since “Crazy Rich Asians” tells the story of, well, the crazy rich, it’s only fitting to see incredibly rare and ridiculously expensive items in the film, like the super rare Rolex watch that director Jon M. Chu flew in just to be included for a brief scene.

In May 2017, Kevin Kwan, author of the novel series of the same title, decided that the movie needed a really expensive watch, so at the time, he emailed Eric Wind, a watch specialist at the British auction house Christie’s, according to Galerie Magazine.

Spoiled Rich Kids Flush Rolex Down Toilet, Burn Mercedes Because They Were ‘Bored’

Some Rich Kids of Instagram, who apparently have run out of ideas on how to flaunt their wealth, have decided to just destroy their expensive stuff, simply to show the world that they can afford to do so.

The videos of “spoiled” wealthy youngsters setting fire to a £88,000 ($108,000) Mercedes, expensive shoes and flushing an expensive Rolex watch down the toilet have surfaced online, reported the Mirror.