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Report: Low-income Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders among those most negatively impacted by the pandemic


Low-income American Indian or Native Alaskan, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander households were among those who suffered the most negative economic impacts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent national study found. 

Bearing the brunt: According to the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) analysis of National COVID Surveys, members of American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AIAN/H/PI) communities, along with Black and Hispanic demographics, suffered the highest percentage of job loss and health issues among all reporting ethnic groups in the United States.

More Asian Americans Are Going Into Politics Than Ever Before

There are now more Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) than ever participating in American politics, an apparent shift from the inactivity that the group has long been criticized for.

The increase has been observed in both the numbers of candidates and voters. For one, a record number of AAPIs are running for Congress, with up to 59 likely on the ballot this year, according to AAPI Victory Fund President Varun Nikore.

Taika Waititi Says New Zealand is ‘Racist as F**k’

“Thor: Ragnarok” director Taika Waititi slammed his home country of New Zealand in a new interview, calling it “racist as f**k” because of people’s disregard for proper pronunciation.

“It’s racist as f**k,” Waititi, who is of Māori descent, explained to British magazine Dazed. “I mean, I think New Zealand is the best place on the planet, but it’s a racist place. People just flat-out refuse to pronounce Maori names properly.”

BYU Comedy Skit ‘Moana You Ugly’ Draws Backlash for Racism

A skit has been pulled from a Brigham Young University comedy troupe’s lineup after Pacific Islander activists accused the organization of brownface, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. The skit, created by Divine Comedy and titled “Moana You Ugly”, was a mashup of last year’s Disney hit, “Moana”, and the 1969 LDS-produced film “Johnny Lingo”.

The skit in question was named after one of the quotes from “Johnny Lingo”, said by the father of Mahana, one of the main characters:

Disturbing Massachusetts Bill Pushes for Data Collection of Asian-Americans

A bill that seeks to collect data from Asian-American and Pacific Islander ethnic groups in Massachusetts has been met with outrage from the concerned communities in the state, with many calling the proposal a “racist bill”.

Introduced by Democratic Rep. Tackey Chan of Massachusetts in January, the MA House Bill H3361 is set to require state agencies in Massachusetts to identify Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders through data collected from surveys, to be broken down by the state’s five largest ethnic groups in the state, including Chinese, Indian and Vietnamese.