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Woman Posts Stunning Instagram Photos of Her Daily Life’s Celebrations

A woman by the name of Lucy uploads photos to her Instagram every day celebrating a particular international holiday. She reminds us that we all should make an effort to think of the positive things that impact our lives every day.

Work Like a Dog Day Watermelon Day Fruity Friday Paperback Book Day Lipstick Day Milk Chocolate Day Parents Day Thread the Needle Day Tequila Day Lollipop Day Daiquiri Day Etch A Sketch Day Piña Colada Day Bikini Day Loving Day Chimborazo Ascension Day Mother’s Day

Check out more of her stuff on Instagram at @inthemshoes

A 29-Year-Old Man Who Refused Free Business School Now Makes Over $8 Million a Year Selling Sheep

Lu Yanzhe, out of Liaoning, China, was like any other academically smart student who excelled in school. He not only graduated from one of China’s most elite universities, but was also offered a full-ride scholarship to a business school in the U.S.

Instead of taking the deal, something most students dream of, he opted to get into sheep farming instead, starting a company with two partners.

Son Explains the Difference Between His Rich Dad and Poor Mom After Divorce

As a member of the Millennial generation, you know that divorces are pretty common. You might even be the product of divorced parents yourself. It can be tough, desensitizing and even traumatic for some, but in the end it makes you realize some things that others just can’t see.

This touching story is a son’s realization of what real love is when one parent is crazy rich and the other has virtually nothing.

This Vine Celebrity Gave the Most Epic Reason to Turn Down $1 Million

Many of us hustlers, no matter the industry, long for the day we finally make it, whether it’s selling your startup for billions of dollars, getting signed to a major record label as an artist or closing a huge book deal. For Vine artist Jerome Jarre, many would think one of those moments came when he was offered a $1 million dollar brand deal.

Jerome Jarre is a 24-year-old internet celebrity and entrepreneur who rose to fame through his six-second prank videos on Vine. After being featured on “Ellen,” his account grew from 20,000 followers to 1 million in just over a month. He currently has over 4.5 million followers on Vine, along with large followings on other platforms including SnapChat and YouTube.

9 Crucial Life Lessons From The Richest Man in Hong Kong

Li Ka-Shing is the richest man in Hong Kong with a net worth of $28.8 billion. From high school dropout to self-made billionaire, Li came from very humble beginnings when he was growing up in China. He wrote an article a while back outlining a plan that anyone can follow to be able to buy a car and a house within five years; something like “The Art of War” for how entrepreneurs and success seekers should act. That article was recently translated to English by Edmund Ng of CeoConnectz. Check out and study these eight points from Li Ka-Shing to master the art of success.

1. Buy lunch for people more important than you.