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Panda Express worker’s viral TikTok roast of early morning customers has fast-food employees chiming in

panda express
  • A 15-second video posted to TikTok by @isaiahafk shows a Panda Express worker expressing his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.
  • While many in the video’s comments section offered up their arguments as to why some might want to purchase orange chicken at 10 a.m., others empathized with the poster’s sentiment and shared their own experiences of working in the food industry.

A Panda Express worker took to TikTok to express his dismay at the chain’s early-morning customers.

The 15-second video posted by @isaiahafk shows him wearing a black Panda Express apron and matching hat while pointing to the sizzling American Chinese food as he rants, “Bro, people really coming to Panda Express at 10:00 a.m. for some of this. Like really? Sometimes, they come at 7:00, 6:00, doing shit early in the morning. How are you going to wake up and want some orange chicken?”