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Max Mara Stole Ethnic Laotian Designs Then Told Laotians to Delete Posts Calling Them Out

After days of PR silence, Italian fashion label Max Mara has reportedly responded to one of their critics calling them out for ripping off designs from an ethnic Laotian group.

It has been over a week since Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre (TAEC) in Luang Prabang, Laos exposed that a new Max Mara collection bore designs belonging to the Oma ethnic group.

Sacramento Veteran Apologizes for Harassing Elderly Laotian Man Wearing Camouflage Shirt

A marine veteran has apologized after he verbally and nearly physically assaulted an elderly Laotian man on Monday morning in Sacramento, California.

The incident occurred between 16th Street and Broadway where the Laotian elderly man was making his way to the farmer’s market with his family, according to a Facebook post shared by the couple’s daughter, Van Khon.

Canadian Cops on Bicycles Nab One of America’s Most Wanted Fugitives

A pair of bike riding cops in Canada arrested an “armed and dangerous” Laotian man on August 23, who was on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement list of 10 most wanted fugitives.

According to authorities, 35-year-old alleged drug lord Katay-Khaophone Sychantha has been evading arrest since 2005 following an indictment in the Eastern District of Michigan for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

White Cop Caught on Camera Brutally Beating Laotian Man, Officer Walks Free

The American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota is pushing for an investigation after dash cam footage showed a cop arresting Anthony Promvongsa in Worthington, Minnesota, and using excessive force on him.

The incident, which occurred in July 28, 2016, demonstrates racial profiling and police brutality in the Worthington Police Department, Nobles County Sheriff’s Office, and the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, according to the ACLU.