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Redditor Shares Epic Story of Hmong Dad Who Escaped Communist Laos in the ’70s

“What is a story you’ve been dying to tell?”

In a now-archived AskReddit post, Redditor average_smaverage opened up a platform for others in the community to share some of their most interesting experiences. Some wrote about people who had made lasting impressions on them, while others talked about good deeds they’d done but hadn’t been able to talk about in person without coming off as bragging.

Scientists Warn That ‘Super Malaria’ Spreading Through Southeast Asia Could Threaten the World

A new form of malaria that is resistant to today’s standard treatment, currently being referred to as “Super Malaria,” has broken out in Southern Vietnam.

According to BBC, scientists are warning the public that the rapid spread of “Super Malaria” in Southeast Asia could pose a global threat. The first case of parasitic infection of this drug resistant Malaria was in Cambodia back in 2007. And ever since then, it has traveled across SEA to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and now Vietnam.

Laos Just Crowned Its Very First Miss Universe And She’s Fierce AF

Laos now has their first-ever candidate for the Miss Universe pageant, Laotian model Souphaphone Somvichit. The 21-year-old made history when she was crowned as the country’s first Miss Universe representative during the event which was held at the National Convention Center in Vientiane.

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Trump Fan Erupts in Racist Tirade Against Asian American Man For No Apparent Reason

Jon Nguamsanith is a Laotian-American who manages a men’s grooming shop in Reston Town Center, Virginia. Recently he was victim of a racist by a white man claiming to be a Trump supporter.

Nguamsanith uploaded the video of the incident on Facebook, which has since gone viral. At one point in the video, the man  asks him if he is a legal citizen in this country.