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‘On my right butt cheek’: BTS’ V announces the group will get friendship tattoos

bts tattoo
  • BTS’ V announced that the group will be getting tattoos to celebrate their friendship.
  • “For now, the members and I talk about getting friendship tattoos every day,” he said. “Friendship tattoos will happen one day, please look forward to it.”
  • The idea stemmed from Suga, he said, noting that the tattoo will be placed “somewhere you can’t see.”
  • Two of the members already have tattoos, with Jimin’s scattered across his arms and torso and Jungkook rocking a full sleeve.

While BTS might already have a long list of awards and record-breaking titles to bond each of the seven members for life, V announced they’re solidifying their friendship with some ink.

BTS’ Kim Taehyung, known by his stage name V, revealed the group’s plans for friendship tattoos on Weverse, an online community created for fans. 

First openly gay K-pop idol Holland reveals he has a boyfriend that he wants to marry

K-pop Holland boyfriend
  • Holland, K-pop’s first openly gay idol, revealed he now has a boyfriend whom he wants to marry.
  • The 26-year-old singer, whose real name is Go Tae-seob, shared the news during a livestream with fans on March 24.
  • Holland did not reveal the identity of his boyfriend but said he is neither an idol nor an actor and that he is not part of the industry.
  • Holland became the first openly gay K-pop idol in South Korea after making his debut in January 2018 with the single “Neverland.”
  • “There are not many celebrities in Korea who speak up for human rights. I thought there’s got to be someone like me who discloses their sexual identity,” he said.
  • The K-pop singer is set to make his acting debut in the BL drama “Ocean Likes Me,” which will premiere in April.

K-pop’s first openly gay singer Holland has recently revealed that he has a boyfriend whom he wants to marry during a livestream with his fans.

Holland, whose real name is Go Tae-seob, opened up about his personal life during a livestream event on March 24, revealing that he is now seeing someone after being asked multiple times by fans.

K-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was choked, called slurs by ‘homeless’ man on NYC train

Beomhan assaulted NYC
  • Chinese American K-pop trainee Beomhan was allegedly assaulted by a homeless man and subjected to slurs while riding the subway in New York City.
  • Beomhan, a member of the up-and-coming group M.O.N.T Arena under FM Entertainment, shared details about his experience in a livestream on Feb. 12.
  • The rapper said his assailant began speaking to the trains’ passengers after boarding and before he spewed slurs at Beomhan.
  • “He leaned in, and I’m like, ‘Is he going to kiss me? What’s going on?’” Beomhan recalled.
  • The man then pretended to punch Beomhan before choking him.
  • Beomhan sustained a scratch from the incident, which he showed during the livestream and claims to hide by using concealer.

Chinese American K-pop trainee Beomhan alleges he was assaulted and subjected to slurs while riding a train in New York City during the boy group M.O.N.T Arena’s U.S. tour. 

Beomhan, whose real name is Harald Wu, shared details about the incident during a livestream on Feb. 12. In the recording that fans shared on social media, the rapper claims that a homeless man “got on at 34th Street and then he did his whole rounds, he choked me, then got off on 22 right after.”