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Japanese Women Share Stunning Photos In Their Kimonos After Kim Kardashian Tries to Trademark ‘Kimono’

Queen of cultural appropriation Kim Kardashian has recently faced massive backlash after filing to trademark the word “Kimono” for her new shapewear and lingerie brand.

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment, dating back to the eighth century. However, the word is now awaiting review for trademark for items under Kardashian’s brand, which reportedly includes shapewear clothing and other items made of imitation leather, such as dog harnesses and whips, none of which have anything to do with Japanese culture.

Kim Kardashian Just Filed a Trademark for the Word ‘Kimono’


Kim Kardashian West launched a shape wear line called Kimono Solutionwear and critics are not amused by the name at all.

A kimono is a Japanese garment, representing a rich culture and history since the 8th century. Now, its name is awaiting trademarks for items under Kardashian’s brand such as dog harnesses and whips, none of which have anything to do with Japanese culture.

Japanese Company Now Makes Kimonos With Hijabs for Muslim Women

Yumeyakata, a Japanese kimono rental store that caters to foreigners, is now offering wagara hijabs for Muslim women.

Muslim women visiting Kyoto, Japan with plans to rent out kimonos can now fully enjoy the experience with Yumayakata’s wagara hijabs that match their wide selection of traditional Japanese clothes for the price of 300 yen – reduced from its normal price of 500 yen ($2.73, $4.55), according to a press release via Grapee.

Century-Old Japanese Company Creates Modern ‘Outdoor’ Kimonos You Can Go Camping In

A century-old Kimono maker and an outdoors apparel manufacturer have teamed up to create some awesome-looking outdoor Kimono outfits that are ready to take on the upcoming chilly months in Japan.

With fall just a few months away, Kimono Yamato and camping supply firm Snow Peak have unveiled their joint project which combines the aesthetics of traditional kimono and the practicality and functionality of modern jackets.