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‘This is your Asian family’: Wine-holding woman calls her ‘Asian kids’ during racist rant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Karen
  • A woman allegedly told a Chinese mother and daughter to “go back to [their own]country” during a physical confrontation at a hotel in Las Vegas.
  • The alleged assailant, who was filmed holding a wine glass in the hotel’s parking lot, used her “Asian kids” to justify her behavior.
  • Hotel management has yet to reveal the identity of the woman in the video after the victims reported the incident.

A woman was caught on video calling her “children” and telling them “this is your Asian family” during a racist rant in a Las Vegas hotel parking lot.

The video, posted by TikTok user @peachmegladon on Dec. 31, 2021, shows an unidentified woman getting physical with the person trying to film her after she allegedly assaulted them during a confrontation in the parking lot, The Daily Dot reported.

‘Speak in f*cking English’: Woman berates Vietnamese restaurant staff for not having miso soup

Vietnamese Restaurant video

In Texas, a woman reportedly looking for miso soup at a Vietnamese restaurant was captured on film berating the cashier.

Not today, Karen: In a viral TikTok uploaded by Whitney, or user @nitwhit_ney, a middle-aged woman wearing a “Not Today Satan” T-shirt is seen screaming at restaurant staff while other customers film her at Pho Saigon in North Austin, Texas, reported the Daily Dot.

California Woman Goes on a Racist Rant After Asian Kids Draw Chalk Art on the Sidewalk

chalk art

An elderly woman was caught on video harassing a Chinese American man in his own garage, telling him he had “slanted eyes” after she and her husband caught his children drawing chalk art on the sidewalk.

What happened: The man, identified as Xiao Huang, shared his encounter with the elderly couple in California last Friday, the International Business Times Singapore reported.