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New multimedia web project tells lost history of Chicago’s Japanese American redress movement

Japanese American redress

A new interactive multimedia web project is shedding light on Chicago’s Japanese American redress movement, which developed in response to the injustices the community experienced during World War II.

Why this matters: Written and produced by Katherine Nagasawa, “Reckoning” is a multimedia experience that takes learners from the origins of the movement in 1970s Chicago to the signing of the Civil Liberties Act in 1988. It also highlights the continued efforts to preserve Japanese American history in the country today.

George Takei Fights County for Closing Off Former Japanese Concentration Camp From His Childhood

A coalition, which aims to preserve the historical integrity of the site of a World War II concentration camp in California where Japanese Americans were incarcerated, has been battling a planned airport fence that would also shut the area from visitors.

The facility of Tulelake camp, formerly known as Tule Lake Segregation Center, once held 12,000 inmates who resisted the forced imprisonment during the Japanese internment.